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Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 Review



Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200The PCC200 in-ground fence is an electric fence which has unique features, making this system stand out from other systems. Other than its excellent technological features, it has a small receiver collar that is equipped with comfort contacts that has rubber tip. The package contains 18 gauge wire. The contact point of this kind of system is non-metal. This is why it has been deemed to be safe as compare to that of the contact points that is metal causing irritation specifically when the dog has a sensitive skin. To wear collar for a long period of time is going to irritate your skin for sure. Thereby, the contact point of this system will be more comfortable and it will be gentler to your dog’s skin.

One of the features of this ultra in-ground system is its dual frequency. This system is equipped with the dual frequency transmitter allowing you to select the frequency which will operate the system. It is significant that the frequency need to be separated in preventing interference. It is essential since the interference may be causing confusion and worse, can lead to dead spots. The receiver collar of the system is compact and lightweight, thereby, the dogs is going to be comfortable to wear it. This will be ideal for the dogs that weighs 5 to 8 lb. since the receiver is weighing 1.1 ounces and the nylon band can be adjusted with plastic and buckle that is quick release.

This ultimate brand and model of dog fence will be packed with the innovated and the design that is technology advanced. Thereby, it is expected that the system’s performance will be improved. Its Temp Check features is monitoring the correction field’s width no matter the deviations of the external temperature. Also, the manufacturer of this system would prefer to use the replaceable battery. It has been said that the rechargeable batteries are showing consistent performance when it comes to the battery lifespan. This means that when the rechargeable battery will be used for a long period of time, the performance will also diminish.

There are also five programmable and progressive settings that the system has. The Perimeter dog fence is featuring 5 selections of the programming for each collar. This is why regardless of how many dogs you have, you will be able to use many collars while you are using the system. The benefits of this feature is that you will be able to adjust the level of correction in accordance to the temper and size of your dog. Also, this feature is being designed in order to prevent your dog from going through the warning zone. This will be because to sit in this area is resulting to battery drainage. This dog fence kit included a 500 feet of the 18 gauge wire. However, you may also use the 14 gauge wire as it will be the best to use, coated with the polyethylene in order to avoid dog fence’s poor performance. Knowing the features of the Perimeter PCC200, it would be safe to say that it is offering outstanding reliability.