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Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 Review


Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100If you have dogs at home, it is your sole responsibility as the owner to keep it away from danger. Conversely, you also have to make sure that t people around are safe from your pets. For both cases, the Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 is the perfect dog fence for you. It delivers Wi-Fi technology along with ideal features that provides maximum efficiency in dealing with your dogs.

Compared to other wireless dog fences out there, the perimeter comes with larger capacity. It is one of the wireless fences in the market that utilizes a rechargeable Wi-Fi water proof collar. To make it more efficient for your dogs, it is powered by not only one but two batteries. The collar is located on the larger side of the fence. This electric wireless fence is advisable for dogs with over twenty pounds. The battery is located on the base station an in the collar. The presence of the backup battery is also a perfect add-on especially when the situation commands quick swap of batteries.


The PWF-100 slams other electric dog fences in the market with its large capacity. It has been claimed that the perimeter dog fence measures 200 ft. radius. This capacity is almost twice of those other wireless systems.

It adheres to a two-way communication system which takes place between the transmitter and the receiver. This system is very important because it informs you if your dogs reach the boundary by making an audible alarm. The most beneficial aspect of this communication system is relevant during the early stage of using your Perimeter dog fence. Aside from that, the base station also gives you an idea about the distance of your dog from the transmitter.

Since the battery is rechargeable, it can still function even when the electricity is out.


The PWF-100 has the capability to contain only two dogs at a time. Do take note that other systems have the capability to contain greater number of dogs. Meaning, if you have three or more dogs at home, the Perimeter is not a choice for you.

Although it comes with larger capacity, the radius is significantly affected by the metal sliding, walls and additional hindrances to the sight.
Inconsistent boundary is the greatest issue on this wireless system. Why? This is because it moves to up to twenty feet in one minute time. Not only that, random dead spots are also available where in your pets could walk into without your knowledge. Plus, you might also find the delayed corrections very annoying in dealing with your dogs.

As a conclusion, the perimeter Wireless Fence is designed with tempting features and it can be a perfect choice for those who have one or two dogs at home. With its large capacity, you would feel at ease that your dogs have a lot of space to play and run it into. It is a perfect option for larger properties that has little number of obstructions (e.g. walls). But if you have more than two dogs, this one is out in your list. In the long run, the efficiency and reliability of your dog fences are your best criteria and you should stick to it.