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Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 Review


Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 Review

The YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence is one of the newest fence systems. This system provides the best features and adds other new features. Its system can boasts one of the most light in weight and compact in weight types of collars that are now out on the market. It manages on the highest and maximum correction of settings. Aside from that, they also give an individual correction levels for each of the collar on their system which makes the YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence the best choice for those dogs with breed. They are also the best choice for those dog owners who have a single ad a multiple house for their dogs. The collar that they offers is compatible both for indoor and outdoor barriers.

YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence includes several kits such as the Pro-Grade 14 Gauge Wire which is 500 ft in height, a 50 ft. twisted wire, a wall transmitter, a rechargeable collar, a long and short training caps and contact points, an instruction manual, probe wench and a lot more. The collars that they offer features an individual correction, a ready test and fit test, a five level of progressive correction, small and light in weight and a lot more. Their transmitter also offers a prevention which is run through, a capacity of 10 acre and a backup battery.

Customers Comments and Reviews

Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115A lot of dog lovers who already purchased their own YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence have said that it is a very good investment for them because the system really works properly. They are so impressed because the fence system gives the dogs a bigger amount of space in the yard where they can play in. Aside from that, they also find the staff very friendly and helpful in assisting them with regard to their queries and concerns.

Others said that they lie the fact that the YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence system is much stronger and it have a larger wire which is coupled with its ability to get properly up on the wire before it gets the zap. They find it perfect for their lhasa and layout. They are very much happy and satisfied with the investment that they made with the Yardmax. They feel that everything runs smoothly with the help of the Yradmax system. They also added that the system that they provide includes an excellent surge protector, a rechargeable collar, a thick wire and a lot of good things that they offers.

Most of the customers of the Yardmax In-Ground had given them a five star both for the price, value and quality that they gives to their valued customers. That is why they are making sure that they are providing an excellent service to them. The Yardmax In-Ground also ensures that they will give the king of system that their customers’ needs and more from what they deserve. So if you are a dog lover, we recommend you to try the Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence.