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Sportdog 100 Acre system. SDF-100A Review


Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence Review

Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground FenceThe Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence is built in a solid and reliable system which is geared towards a large number of rural properties and medium made especially for the large dogs. The collar that they offer is waterproof and it won’t be ruined by the dogs that are fond of swimming with the collar with them. The collar that they have is also pretty bulky and bug. It don’t just simply fit to the dogs neck which are smaller than 13’’ and the setting of the correction are too strong that are perfectly designed for those dogs that weights under 20 lbs. On the other hand, the Sportdog SDF-100A collars are very much compatible with the fence system in order for the dog owners to find the best collar that will perfectly fit for those kind of dogs that weights from 5 lbs. and up. They also have a unique correction system for each dogs that are set with the help of a transmitter in order not to fid with those pin-sized buttons the collar.

The Sportdog SDF-100A also include several kits such as the Pro-Grade 14-Gauge Wire which is 1000 ft in height, a 50 ft, twisted wire, a heavy duty protection module, waterproof collar receiver, a training DVD and manual and a lot ore. The collars that they features as an exceptional waterproofing, a short and long contact points, a progressive correction setting and a 9 volt generic battery. Aside from the kits and collars that they have, they also features a transmitter that have a large capacity, a grounding terminal, an adjustable frequency which is compatible with the use of the Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground collars. It also provide a battery backup in order to have an alternative in case there would be a power failure that would happen.

Costumers Comments and Reviews

Those dog lovers who have tried the system which the Sportdog SDF-100A offers said that it becomes great help for them. They also said that when they tried the Sportdog SDF-100A, they noticed that the system last longer compared to those cheap wire that they have used in the previous time. Through the Sportdog SDF-100A, they have found a complete set and package of the things that they need for the needs of their dogs. Someone also said that when he decided to try the system that the Sportdog SDF-100A provides, they found out that it is greatly compatible both for the large and to the small dogs that they have.

Because of the good feedback that the Sportdog SDF-100A have from their customers, they are making sure that they will continuously provide the best and the highest quality of service for their valuable customers. They also ensures that they will only provide those great products in a fair price which is to be followed by a great customer service for their valuable clients. So if you are a dog lover, don’t hesitate to try the services that the Sportdog SDF-100A offers.